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Caring for Your Furniture

All our furniture is made from Solid Oak, Pine and Oak Veneer.

Because of this, natural characteristics are common in the form of knots, grain patterns, small cracks and grain variations.

All these natural characteristics add beauty and charm to our beautiful furniture.

Temperature Management

Our furniture is like most things, its sensitive to extreme temperatures and heavy sunlight. We ask that you try where possible to keep the product away from heat sources like radiators and direct sunlight. Sometimes our products are made with a floating joint system which allows the furniture to almost breathe meaning it will expand and contract with changes in temperature. This is not a fault but a working part of the furniture construction. These joints in extreme circumstances will open as much as 3mm but be assured the joint will relax when temperatures drop.

Painted Furniture

Please understand that knocks and bangs will chip the paint away but be assured our workmanship is such that we have put in place measures to keep this to an absolute minimum with a four-coat paint system. This maintains a solid build up of consistent colour and should keep minor scratches down to a minimum.

Always make sure you wipe over with a slightly damp cloth and for a greasy mark use a very mild detergent. You must then wipe off with a dry cloth. Please do not use silicone-based polishes.

General Care

Do Not:

*Place hot items on the furniture.

*Place abrasive items on the furniture.

*Spill liquids on the furniture and leave it. You must promptly clean it up.

*Drag your furniture across the floor.

*Stand on your furniture.

*Tip back in the chair legs. Four legs must always remain on the ground when being used.

*Expose furniture to high moisture levels.

*place furniture in direct sunlight or against any heat source.


Furniture Maintenance

Our furniture is a natural product so common sense should be used when maintaining your furniture.

For oiled finishes, a thin coat of Danish oil should be applied with a lint free cloth four times a year to build up protection then once a year thereafter to maintain durability and longevity.

For waxed finishes uses a beeswax four times a year. This lets the wood feed and maintains its beautiful finish. This also protects your furniture scratches and damages.

For anything you are unsure about, please seek professional advice before making your decision.