Our Journey

Carving our own path

From creating new trends and styles, to ensuring we are fully sustainable, Bell & Stocchero is proud to be setting our own path for what it means to create furniture.

The Bell & Stocchero Journey

July 2018

The story begins

B&S sign lease for office space and commence trading, initially marketing direct containers to Garden Centres.

September 2018

Got the goods

Our first two containers of furniture arrived with us.

April 2019

Wholesale Beginnings

Decision made to begin offering products on a Wholesale basis and first stock was delivered. With the help of some friends, B&S rented warehouse space and borrowed delivery vehicles.

September 2019

Show Time for the First Time

B&S exhibit at their first Trade Show. Glee 2019.

January 2020

Diversify to Multiply

Decision made to diversify into the Furniture Industry and exhibited at The January Furniture Show 2020.

February 2020

The flood

B&S head office suffers huge flooding, causing catastrophic damage and interrupts the company development.

March 2020

Good news and bad news

B&S receives first delivery vehicle & on the same day, the UK is plunged into Covid-19 Lockdown.

November 2020

A fresh space

B&S move into new premises, with warehouse space and functioning offices.

August 2021

Minerva Members

With the help of Morgan McCarthy and Ian Crowther, B&S join the Minerva buying group and exhibit at the Autumn Furniture Show 2021.

September 2021

A new factory partner

The Directors visit the European factory to finalise the partnership details, and sign off development for the brand-new supply chain.

January 2022

Concept to reality

B&S host a Home Exhibition and officially launch Concept into the marketplace.

May 2022

Sustainability Drive

The European Factory installs 1600 solar panels, powering 70% of its consumption and saving over 380,000kg of carbon & 20,789 trees in 2022 alone.

January 2023

Part of AIS

B&S joins the well-renowned buying group AIS and launches at the INDX Furniture Show.


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